Snail Rearing

We provide Snail Farmers with the right expertise to farm snails and how to manage farms.


We offer breeders(Individuals and Groups), regular trainig throughout the cycle of snails. Register as a farmer, Click Here

Insurance for Farmers

Provide Insurance for our farmers from returns on the snail shells we sell.


We purchase snail production from farmers at a market price based on purchase agreement(Snail Meat, shells and slime)

Impacting Rural Communities..!

Likabs seeks to empower rural communities for an accessible and affordable nutritious food product and maximize returns of communities, reduce malnutrition through snail farming.

Our Activity Blog

Likabs Food Qualifies for Thought for food Challenge Finals

The Likabs Project has been selected as part of the finalist for the TFF 2018 challenge.

5 Startups feeding the world

Likabs Food mentioned among the 5 of 5 startups to feed 10 billion by 2050 by Science disrupt.